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The painting as an expression of the feelings... This was the start 
In this moment Sasch paintings are part of surrealism, fantasy and symbolism currents. 
Sasch painting workshop it is situated in Bucharest, Romania. 
Born in Brasov, on real name Silviu Cenusa, during the childhood Sasch moved in Bucharest. As kid, starting from 3 years only he loved to draw, to color the books and to innovate. When he started the school, the teacher told that it is better to study art because of the creativity. Because of the comunist era in Romania, his family considered that the art ihas not the best future during the comunism, so he studied mathematics, economics and informatics. 
He worked in domains like IT, ISP, web design and tourism. 
From a joke he started to paint one more time and starting with 2013 he focused on painting.

2014 has meant finding a real balance for his painting, finding a state of inspiration.

How a muse is the one that gives you all thinking of you head over to focus sharply to new ideas, techniques change, this happened in 2014 which led the artist undoubtedly studying new approaches, approaches that can clearly seen starting with 2015.

In this moment he is member of Artist Union of Romania (Chairman Partnership Department with Local Government and State institutions) where he develop programs to promote art in Romania.

At the same time you could find on glassART area an on-line store with very attractive glass art painted by Sasch

- April 2015 - Bucharest - Rithm, music & color painting exhibition at World Trade Center Bucharest organised by Elite Prof Art Gallery (Metamorphosis Series)

- March 2015 - 25 of March "Flowers for Denise - fundraiser" painting exhibition at Occidentului Gallery Bucharest (for details click here )

- March 2015 - "Spring Salon" World Trade Center Bucharest (first works from Metamorphosis Series 2015)

- November 2013 - group exhibition - Bucuresti

- February 2013 - fundraising - painting exhibition "The joy of Life" Bucharest




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