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Sasch Credo


"To paint is to have the color palette, the easel, to stand in front of it and take brush in your hand. A simple thing that anyone can do. As an artist the things are different. You learn to leave aside conscious, dive very deep into your soul and let your hands to paint your feelings. You paint, then go back to the color and technical skills you need to do everything in your style. If at first you will see the influences from other painters you liked, you slowly distance from them and tailor your very own way.

The artist in general should not be a solitary character that would focus only on still paintings, being impossible to externalize their inner feelings.

Many are looking at my paintings and tell me about my butterflies, where are from these butterflies, what is it with them? The truth is that the butterfly is one of the most amazing creatures of transformation.The life symbol itself means a continuous transformation, a transformation of our life, of our feelings. Like butterflies which starts from an egg, then turns into larva, larva in cocoon and then into butterfly. The transformation of a butterfly larva is a fantastic thing, like our life when we could be in the most difficult situations, or in strange situations which can be completely unpleasant, then everything change. Therefore butterflies are nothing else but continuous transformation." - Sasch




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