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2015 Events

  • July 2015 "The Woman and the Sea" at Elite Prof Art Gallery - Bucharest - Available "The World Behind" - Metamorphosis Series:
  • May 2015 "Flower's month" at Pullman Hotels / World Trade Center Bucharest by Elite Prof Art Gallery - Bucharest - Available:
  • April 2015 "Rithm music and color" at Pullman Hotels / World Trade Center Bucharest by Elite Prof Art Gallery - Bucharest - Available "Night Muse" and"The Sound of the Desert" Metamorphosis Series
  • "Salonul de primavara" exhibition by Elite Prof Art Gallery 08.03-06.04.2015 at Pullman Hotel World Trade Center BUcharest - Available at exhibition: "Intimacy Butterfly of Her" si Intimacy Privacy of Him din seria Metamorphosis
  • Charitable event "Flowers for Denise" 25.03.2015 at Occidentului Gallery from BUcharest - Available at event: "Rising Life"
Last finished painting

Title: The World Behind (June 2015)

Serie: Metamorphosis

Availability: original

"Looking back at the night, to our dreams, what we want? A world as we see beyond the darkness of the night" - Sasch (click here for more info)

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"I started painting in a play which became a passion, and after then I started to work hundreads of hours to aquire the technical to return to my easel.

In my personal life I can say today that happened a lot in less than two years, turns of 90 or 180 degrees, some of these turns was so trenchant that what was true yesterday was no more valid today and so on. I had to rethink everything from scratch,to rebuild everything, including the foundation. And I can tell today, like a builder, that the foundation is ready and I have already to begun to build above ground zero, to build something visible to others. Like in construction you need a team, an exceptional one.

As a painter you need inspiration and the insipration cannot come from nowhere,it relies on an inner peace which can't be found with anyone.

Life itself means a constant change, depending on each of us to make changes in better. Then life is nothing else, but a metamorphosis"






About Sasch

The painting as an expression of the feelings... This was the start 
In this moment Sasch paintings are part of surrealism and symbolism currents. 
Sasch painting workshop it is situated in Bucharest, Romania. 
Born in Brasov, during the childhood Sasch moved in Bucharest where he studied mathematics, economics and informatics. 
He worked in domains like IT, ISP, web design and tourism. 
From a joke he started to paint and starting with 2013 he focused on painting. 
In this moment he is member of Artist Union of Romania where he develop programs to promote art in Romania.

 Sasch Fine Art

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