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S-Glass by Sasch

S-Glass - the refined art glassware signed by Sasch


S-Glass by Sasch are art creations performed on glass, all hand painted and signed in original by Sasch.

Painted Glass has always attracted the human eye, starting from the beautiful stained glass creations and to incontestabilele Galle.

S-Glass combines transparent glass with special paint in warm chrominance, works of art signed by Sasch giving a touch of sophistication and refinement.

Below are some photos where easily seen fantastic effects created by S-Glass candle holders.

Romance? Uniqueness? Elegance? Refinement? There are a few questions that have only one answer: S-Glass art glass creations signed Sasch

From the top menu, you can select the four main categories of glass art objects bearing the signature Sasch

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The paints used are from Marabu - Germany and Malmer - Italy, paints resistant to UV radiation of the sun.

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