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What others say about Sasch ...

"Sasch, your art bridges the worlds of humanity and nature, showing their common bonds, how they intertwine, and all that is missing in this concrete and steel reality we've built around ourselves. Bravo sir!"

Michael H.Hanson -U.S. poet and author (

"Sasch. An artist dominated by passion, a passion sometimes exhausting, but with many benefits, especially the spiritual plan. The artist gives us, through work under the Spring Salon exhibition, a peek into the inner human world. Work Metamorphoses series appeals to deep changes in the life of every individual, whether male or female.
Symbolism and Surrealism are two trends that we have as landmarks in his creation, painter.
With patience and thoroughness, Sach builds compositional, not forgetting, however, its own personality, which project in each work.
What strikes the viewer is the color. Sach's works are far from monotonous work, but exuberant color intensity reaching the peak, which speaks in a discrete intense feelings about the person behind the pen. Painter alive are placed into joy, joy represented by shades of orange. All of them feature an open and communicative spirit, a spirit that is present on cymas to share, and why not to dialogue, through image, with the art-loving public"

Mihaela Pandelescu owner @ Elite Prof Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

"I find them inspiring. The surrealistic speech is well understood. Light influences from Dali master. Primary colors are good on the floating compositions. I say you should keep working"

Murivale (Vasile Muresan) - Romanian painter




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